18 May 2009

Simple School Room

I have to say that I LOVE having a handy husband.  I wanted a high shelf for our bed (school) room so I could keep our daily school work handy and out of reach of little hands.  So here are the pictures from start to finish.  And this is what our little one room school house looks like.  It is my bedroom and here I keep only the material we are currently working on.  So only 1 long shelf is all that is needed.  The rest of our books, supplies, etc.  are kept on a huge wall in our living room.  

The kids love to "help"

I thought it would be cool to hang baskets from the underneath of the shelf.  Another way to keep things organized and yet out of the way.
Our School Room/Bedroom


Chris said...

Just wondering why you school in your bedroom? and not they kitchen/ dining room/family room per se?

I am alway curious how and why people choose certain rooms to do school work. We primarily use our kitchen to do book work. I do use my bedroom if I need to have it quieter, lets say for reading with a child. Actually, the kids use anywhere to do their school work. We do have a small office area where we keep our books and a school table. The older kids have been going in there lately.


Cinnamon said...

My "handy" husband says every woman wants an endless supply of shelves. Well, I think he's right :-) I love your baskets and coat hangers under the shelves! Very creative~


Karies place said...

Very nicely done.

Juli said...

I love that shelf!

Anonymous said...

To answer the previous poster's question on why: Too many interruptions in the main areas, no way to keep school things off limits to visitors, one place for everything, I can put up bulletin boards, chalk boards (visitor thing here too), and when we're done with school, we shut the door. :)It also depends how much stuff you have. If I only had the TM's and their books it would be anywhere, but I have a lot of fun stuff I choose not to want to use other than for school. Also age of children is a big issue. If I had a teen, we wouldn't have a lot of the things we have.

Tristan said...

I love this shelf! Showing the pictures to my husband tonight. Thanks for a great idea.