30 April 2009

All Roads Lead to Probiotics

Beneficial microflora inhabiting our intestines have played a very crucial role in human health for thousands of years. You could make the same statement for all other animals living on this planet as well. Yes, even chickens, fish and insects have an "inner ecosystem" teeming with microflora pretty much like ours.
One of Body Ecology's "missions" is to help you understand that eating a probiotic diet (one rich in fermented foods) is extremely essential if you wish to live a long and healthy life. Unfortunately, common misconceptions have led the public to believe that bacteria are bad guys that they make us sick and can even kill us. In fact, our current medical system has been at war with bacteria for over fifty years (when the first antibiotic was developed) and we still haven't really won the war yet. It looked like we were winning for awhile, but bacteria are really intelligent beings and have evolved to outsmart us so that even the strongest of antibiotics are no longer working. What do we do now? Body Ecology has the solution. We've been a leader in teaching the world about the importance of these beneficial microflora. In this issue we want to clarify common myths and misconceptions.
We are always happy to see any focus on probiotics. In the April 2004 issue of Natural Health Magazine, they state that fermented foods are the new stars of a wholesome diet". This is an excellent article worth reading.
Another article was recently written in the Chicago Daily Herald called Friendly bacteria can help gastrointestinal health (November 8,2004). We would like to thank Susan Stevens for her research on this topic, but some of the statements made in the article are perfect examples of public misconceptions. This is where we begin our in depth look at the world of probiotics.
Chicago Daily Herald misconception: " When something goes wrong...an infection, a virus, even antibiotics the bacteria go AWOL and we end up in misery. Read the entire article HERE
Homemade Lemonade Full of Probiotics Recipe
I 12.5 ounce jar Lakewood Lemon Juice NOT from Concentrate
2 pouches Body Ecology Culture Starter
1 Cup Raw Honey
Add the above ingredients to a gallon glass jar. Fill jar with pure water, stir and cover. Keep in warm place (70-80 degrees) for about 48-60 hours. At this point it will be complete and you can take out 1 Cup of it to start the next batch. Do the same as above except do not add the pouches of culture starter as your 1 C. lemonade is now your culture for about the next 5-6 batches. At which point you begin all over using the pouches of culture.
Links to the pure lemon juice and culture


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