28 March 2009

More Motorcycles and More Kids


Christie, Aaron, and cousin Spencer
Papa and Aubryn
Gregg, Makenzie, Mary

Papa and Aubryn
Juli and Aaron
Juli and son Beckham
Juli and Beckham
Juli and daddy
Papa and grandson Beckham
Christie and daddy

Aunt Ashley, son Aaron and daughter Kaydee

Gregg and Mary

Our grandson Beckham and nephew Cedric
Daddy, Janai, and nephew Jacob
Daddy and Janai


Ashley Smith said...

Hey guys! How was the drive back? We miss you already too! You guys were fun to hang out with. Hope all is well! Hannah-

Rafter's-n-Henderson said...

What fun... Can we go next time??>.. Have a glorious weekend... Loving Thoughts... Jaime