28 March 2009

Kids, Dirt Bikes, Everywhere

Setting up and readying the motorcycles for some great fun.
Here is daddy x 12
Uncle Jared, my younger boys Aaron and Gregg
Our daughter Kaydee and oldest granddaughter Aubryn
Papa and Aubryn

Son in law Kelly with son Beckham
Uncle Jared
Gregg and Emma
Christie and Aaron with cousin Spencer

Papa and Aubryn

Daughter Makenzie
Daughter Emma
Daughter Kaydee
Daughter Janai
Daughter Mary


Juli said...

That was fun!

Juli said...

My hotmail isn't working right so I can't email you from that right now. Thanks for the links! I am excited to get started this summer. I think that she just might learn how to read this summer if I will actually work with her diligently. She recognizes all the letters and will know several people whose names start with that letter. So hopefully that means that we might be able to make some progress this summer!