22 February 2009

Kids do the Strangest Things!!

Mary crashes in the strangest places.  Here she found a pile of blankets and pillows on the floor in my room.

 Here she is standing up with really wobbly legs  leaning next to the chair.  Just moments earlier I had been reading aloud to the kids when her head went "bonk!"  But I moved her quick after I took this picture before she collapsed right onto the floor!!


Juli said...

Poor girl!

Karies place said...

OH my, that's something I can do when I real tired.

Luke said...

Crashed kids pictures are hilarious! Thankfully it doesn't seem to hurt them much. Falling asleep on a plane puts a huge crick in my neck... something that didn't happen to me when I was a wee one.


Rafter's-n-Henderson said...

Absolutely beautiful. She is precious. Lindsey used to fall asleep while I was in the grocery store. Even with all the noise around she would conk out on my purse or a roll of paper towels. They find their rest when they need it. Jaime