10 December 2008

A White Christmas

Looks like snow for Christmas.  Don't you just love the white stuff!!  BRRR.


Juli said...

That looks like a lot of fun! I just can't get over how tall Aaron is!

Micke said...

We got dumped on too. We got so much and I have mixed feelings about it all. I was raised in WI but I hate being cold. I am thinking that it is time to experience a warmer place in December......LOL

Cinnamon said...

Wow you get lots of snow! It ~does~ look like fun. My kids would make an igloo out of that:-)
Thanks for the pictures and pattern. What a great idea to make dresses out of pj's patterns. I will have to try that possibly in the new year.

Thanks so much~ Cinnamon

Oh yes my dtrs name is pronounced Gay-luh but spelled Gaela :-) I like the spelling Gaila. I've never seen that before.