02 December 2008

Thankful For Son's Safety

Our family had some excitement over the weekend. If you can call it that. Our eldest son V is a Border Patrol Officer in Bisbee, AZ. They had gotten a tip the other day about a group of men planning to come over the border with a bunch of drugs. The border patrol was prepared for them but not for the surprise attack they were thrown. Our son's group was fired upon by a bunch of guys carrying AK 47 machine guns. Yikes, I think it's high time I go rescue HIM from the border and bring him home. We are truly thankful to our Heavenly Father for His protection of our son and will continue to pray each day for him as he risks his life in order to keep our nation free of drugs. (as far as it is possible)


Karies place said...

Oh my!! Prayers definitely!

Teri said...

Thankful for his safety as well. Our cousin was on the border at Yuma and El Centro. The stories...oh my! We have them moving here to the midwest in January, glad to be out of the line of fire.

Etra hugs for your son.

Ritsumei said...

Kudos to your son. It's a difficult and mostly thankless job. I'm grateful that he and others like him do it!

Cinnamon said...

Oh, sooo not the stories a Mama wants to hear. But I bet - now that it's over - it'll be a hero story he can tell to his kiddos some day :-)

So glad he was not harmed.

Rocio said...

Another good reason to tell our kids to stop using drugs.

Jeannetta said...

Somehow I missed this!
Tell him thank you, I'm sure he doesn't hear it enough:)