22 November 2008

Thanksgiving Thoughts

With Thanksgiving right around the corner let us all remember the reason the Pilgrims set aside this very special day. It was a day for giving thanks to our God and to acknowledge our utter and complete dependence upon Him. There are many today who take 'ease' in having plenty, never having the need to cry out to God for an increase of His abundant blessings. The Pilgrims relied completely upon God for all they had and trusted in Him for they're lack. In short, their trust was in God and not in their great abundance.

The Pilgrims left us with a great example to follow. Here are just a handful of the things we could learn from those great people.

1. Religious freedom for ourselves and for our descendants. (Especially now in these perilous times)
2. The Pilgrims were a great example of Christian Character.

3. If we walk in His way He will be with us and bless us in all we do.

4. The Mayflower Compact is a wonderful 'first expression' of our Constitution containing Biblical Principles whereby each of us should live by.


Juli said...

I love your Christmas background! When is a good time to do ichat with you guys today?

Anonymous said...

I think celebrating blessings is a good thing. DO you also teach your children about the evil in the holiday, too?