27 September 2008

Got Butter--Milk

Where are many things a person can do with buttermilk. It forms such a large part of our diet that I just have to 'blog' about it! Plus one cannot describe how healthy it is for the body. Let us look at some of the uses I have found to add it my family's diet.

We soak our freshly ground whole grain flours in it for waffles, pancakes, crepes, muffins, etc.
Soak freshly ground flour to make fluffy, soft yeast breads. Buttermilk makes wonderful whole grain breads without the addition of unbleached white flour.
We freeze canned or fresh fruits to be blended with buttermilk making for a wonderful smoothie. Here is a quick recipe for a delicious smoothie.

Several bananas
1-2 cans of pineapple still in syrup and
any other fruit you like. Mix it all together and chop small and freeze in muffin tins. When you are ready to make a smoothie pop our a few tins of frozen fruit, put in blender with buttermilk and whip. Be creative-add some peanut butter, cottage cheese, or even some cocoa powder. Toast some homemade bread with butter and honey and you have a cheap, nutritious breakfast. A nice filling breakfast or snack when you are pinched for time.

How I make buttermilk-(this is a raw milk recipe)
I take one cup cultured buttermilk and add it to 4 cups warm milk and leave on my counter overnight in a covered pan. That's it. In the morning I have a quart of smooth, thick, buttermilk.

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