24 October 2017

Who doesn't love the YMCA

For a very long time the Y has been the go to place for us.  Sadly, this month we had to say good bye to our 'out of the house' fun! Here are just a small handful of the fun times we had there!

The skating rink was perhaps our favorite.  Most of the time we were the only ones on the ice.  As a former figure skater back in the day I enjoyed very much sharing moves and tips with my girls.

14 October 2017

A trip to Ohio

A couple months ago I took one of our girls and made a trip to Ohio.  I was born there and my mom and cousins live there.  Spent about a week and had a great time with cousins and sisters! 

One of my most enjoyable moments was visiting the home that my father built shortly before I was born.  Even though we moved shortly after my first birthday it nevertheless was a treat to see his handiwork.  

My daughter Mary had a blast swimming in our cousin's pool!

Me with cousins and sisters!

As a kid I used to swim in this pond with extended family.  And in the winter we skated on it.  My uncle pictured below still lives here and it was so great to relive memories.

We scooted over to historic Ripley, Ohio and Maysville, Kentucky.  There were several murals in a line portraying the city in the 'old day'.  


Famous Ohio River

A real old fashioned ice cream shoppe.  Even though I'm from WI I have to say that their ice cream came pretty close to
being as great as my homemade with real WI cream!
Mary and I down by the Ohio River

Swimming becomes a real blast when mom's iPhone can be taken beneath the surface!

Of course no visit to Ohio is complete without a visit to the famous Jungle Jim's giant grocery store!

It is a delightful thing when kids learn to cook

Janai did very well with her first pie every!  It was a big hit!

12 October 2017

Autumn and feeding my lambs!

My kiddos told me today that they love this time of year because, as they say, mom gets in the kitchen and makes the best food! I believe that is true! Cooking and baking isn't my favorite thing to do but there is a season for all things!!

Janai and Mary made the perfect filling for the cinnamon rolls. But their favor part was the rolling pin work!

I made more dough than what I needed so instead of splitting it into two we stuffed cheese in the edges and folded the dough over.  Coming from one that lives in Wisconsin there can never be too much cheese!

07 January 2017

Thinking back 2016 Mother's Day

FaceTime with Missionary brother Gregg.  I love spending my life with those I love.  Whether through FaceTime or real time!  (Of course nothing beats real time)

Christmas 2016 Season

Pose no 1.
Some of the family took a day to Aspen CO. Of all the sites to see the girls enjoyed the art galleries the best!  It was cold, beautiful, and tons of fun.  Hot chocolate, pastries, and ice cream sundaes were the next favorite!   

Downtown Glenwood Springs CO

Aspen CO day trip

More Art Galleries
Pose no.2

Pose no.3

Pose no.4

Our birthday twins dinner

Glenwood day trip sleepy child!

Beautiful Aspen

More art...

Posing as owls?

Pose no.5

Big missionary brother with most of his little sisters

Thinking back 2016 Christmas

It was our every 3rd year for a full on family Christmas.  And as usual our Juli hosted again in her beautiful Colorado home.  It was awesome.  While I do have more photos this pretty much sums up the party in these two.  Not everyone was present for them but we got to see and spend time with all of our children this 2016 Christmas season.  Per norm when a crowd gets together for several days sickness always seems to prevail.  I'm pretty sure only a few escaped and even into January some of  us are still bearing the results:(


Yep, that's my family!  And they are crazy!  And I love them!

Thinking back on 2016 wedding anniversary

In September for our anniversary our daughter Makenzie presented us with this beautiful gift that she designed online!  It pretty much sums it up to a T ALL that is...

When it comes to my family!
Which is EVERYTHING to us!

"And I think to myself, what a wonderful world"

07 September 2016

Visiting Jellystone Park and Campground each year is such a treat.  Unfortunately not too many photos!  We spent so much time playing, laughing, and enjoying each others company that I didn't give it the thought that I wish I had:(

Aaron and Janai enjoying our hammock together.

Some of us enjoying a quiet lunch!  I'm not quite sure where the rest were!

Janai and Mary.  My 2 youngest loves relaxing together.

I spy a teeny, tiny smile in that hammock over there!

Twins taking a break.  Must have been a cool evening.  Too much fun!  Enjoying every second I can as children grow up in a bling!

04 September 2016

Feeling Squished?

Gold Toyota in the middle!

This is what my daughter felt when she came out of work! She quickly realized this situation was not conducive to a relatively new driver! She texted me this photo with the words:

HELP - Should I try? I'm scared!

She did try and was very successful at it as well! Go Emma!